About Us
Lars & Wendy Jacobson
with Sydney
Lon Jacobson
with Hunter & Eden
Picture taken at Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, May 2005 as
Willawong Bird Exhibit nears completion.
Lars and Lon provided nearly 250 birds for
the new exhibit at the Woodland Park Zoo's

Willawong Bird Exhibit.  

This new exhibit opened in the Summer of
2005.  It allows children (and parents) to
feed a variety of birds indigenous to
Update: July 2016

Lars and Wendy live in Southern California.

Lars began his birding interest in the 1980's
when his younger brother Lon started raising
cockatiels.  Lars and Lon have enjoyed raising a
variety of birds over the years.  In the early
2000's they began providing not only birds but
cages as well to many pet stores and bird
enthusiast throughout the country.

Lars and Wendy keep very busy at home and
enjoy family life very much as they
'home school' their children.  They are the proud
parents of TEN children
Update: July 2016

Lon and his wife Regina live in Mount Vernon, WA.

Lon has loved birds for as long as he can
remember.  As a child, he discovered that he
could make extra money by doing what he loved;  
so Lon started raising birds and selling them to
friends and local pet stores in Southern California.

In the late 1990's, Lon and Regina moved to the
Northwest; where he has continued raising and
selling birds.  They keep very busy at home where
they enjoy spending time with their children. They
are the parents of NINE children.