Plastic Leg Bands
Do to the inquiries on the plastic leg bands we use, we have decided to offer them to our
customers. We found we needed to find a way to identify several clutches from the same
breeding pair. They come in such a variety of colors, it was very helpful for our breeding
scale. We found they are both thick and very durable. We have been using these bands
now for 7 years with no problems.
Because our time as breeders is limited, especially during breeding season, we are only offering minimum
quantity of 100 bands for $22.00. This includes shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Colors
will be sold in strings of 10, so that would be 10 sets of 10 different colors. If you need a larger quantity,  
just add $20 per 100 added. If you want to request a color combination, there will be a $5 fee. We are not in
the band business, we are in the bird business. Cataloging bird band colors isn't a possibility at this time.
The colors available are shown in the photos.
All band orders will come with a aluminum band
. Extras band applicators will be .50 cents each.
Over 35 colors available
Aluminum Applicator