Our experience in breeding our own birds will be a valuable
tool when it comes to selecting the right cage for your

Along with providing birds and cages to a number of Pet
Stores, we were proud to provided many birds and cages to
the Woodland Park Zoo's Willawong Bird Exhibit in Seattle, WA
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Our website contains a variety of bird cages, pictures, and
pricing. Check out the different pages to find which category
will best fit your needs.
Whether your breeding dozens of birds or simply giving one
as a gift, we'll be able to help you with your cage needs.

As you know (and we're sure you're feeling it in your pocketbook too)
inflation has been running rampant for the past year.

Because of the higher and higher cost of materials and shipping, we have experienced a continual
increase in prices.  We are working hard to minimize these increases to our customers.

Other companies have given up and gone out of business but we are determined to provide
the quality of service you have come to expect from LL Cages.

Thank you.

Lars and Lon Jacobson
Birds, Cages, and Accessories at the right price!